Undelete Memory Stick

Undelete Memory Stick Photos or Files using Undelete Memory Card

We all know that memory sticks or memory cards are very small yet powerful storage devices. Memory sticks are amazing storage devices which are capable of holding 32GB of data like photos, music files or other multimedia files. These sticks find their application in Sony digital compact cameras which specially use memory sticks to store images. So this removable flash memory card is used all over the globe as a huge data storage device. But like any other storage device this device also fails in providing security to the images or other multimedia files that it holds. This is what is undesired from a storage device like memory stick.

Users of memory stick may lose their important photos or audio and video files due to deletion and this deletion can take place due to transfer error, accidental reformat, human error etc. Thus it is essential to always have a backup for the files stored in your memory stick otherwise you may easily lose all your important files from memory stick. If at all you forget to create a backup then you will have to make use of a powerful recovery tool for memory card & memory sticks, that can recover deleted pictures from flash memory card within minutes. So to fulfill this requirement you can use undelete memory card utility which is the best tool to undelete memory stick data or simply log on to "http://www.undeletememorycard.org/recover-deleted-pictures.html".

Possible reasons for losing memory stick photos:

Deletion of memory stick photos can take place due to improper ejection of memory stick, accidental formatting or reformatting, transfer error, human error etc. So let us see how these reasons lead to deletion of memory stick photos

  • Improper ejection of memory stick - After transferring photos or other files from memory stick to any other device if the stick is drawn out without ejecting it properly from the host device then the files or photos stored on it may get delete
  • Transfer error - While transferring photos from memory stick to a device say computer if any interruption takes place such as power fluctuations or power surge then the photos on memory stick will get deleted
  • Accidental format or reformat - When a memory stick is formatted or reformatted accidentally or purposely then there are chances of losing photos from memory stick
  • Human error - Accidental deletion of memory stick photos come under human error and it is purely due to ignorance or an absent minded nature which leads to deletion of memory stick photos

These reasons cannot lead to permanent deletion of memory stick photos. By using undelete memory card it is possible to undelete memory stick and memory card photos that are deleted due to these reasons. Undelete memory card can also be used to undelete deleted files from memory cards of different formats such as smart media, miniature cards, compact flash etc in few clicks of mouse.

Undelete memory card is capable of undeleting photos from various memory stick which includes Memory stick, Memory stick PRO, Memory stick Duo, Memory stick Micro (M2), Memory stick PRO-HG etc. This tool supports various Secure Digital cards, so you can try this tool if you are wondering how to undelete formatted SD card. It is capable of recovering images that are deleted from memory cards of famous brands namely Kingston, Sony, Transcend, Lexar etc. This tool can help you undelete picture from memory cards of type SD, XD, SDHC, SDXC, CF etc. After a click on www.undeletememorycard.org/picture-from-memory-card-when-it-is-corrupted.html, you can restore pictures from corrupted memory card. If you want to undelete photos on memory stick with ease, then go through the recovery process which are explained below

Undelete memory card or undelete memory stick data:

Follow the steps given below to undelete memory stick photos using undelete memory card tool

Step 1: Download and run undelete memory card software. Connect your memory stick to a computer. Choose “Recover Photos” option which you will see on main screen once you launch undelete memory card. Then in the next screen choose “Recover Deleted Photos” to recover pictures deleted from your memory stick.

Undelete Memory Stick - Recover Photos

Figure 1: Recover Photos

Step 2: Next you will get a list of drives. You need to choose a particular drive among those drives to recover deleted pictures from that drive.

Undelete Memory Stick - Select Logical Drive

Figure 2: Select Logical Drive

Step 3: The software commences the scanning process once you click on that drive and when it completes scanning that drive you will get a list of recovered images. By opting “Preview” you can preview the recovered pictures.

Undelete Memory Stick - Preview Recovered Photos

Figure 3: Preview Recovered Photos

Step 4: After previewing if you find the performance of the tool as satisfactory then you can purchase it. Upon purchase you will be enabled to save recovered data.

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